Cop Camp

Every year Folsom Police Department with support from the Folsom Police Foundation runs a Cop Camp program for at risk kids in the Folsom community.

The kids are selected by teachers, counselors, school resource officers and other members of the community who recognize that these kids will benefit from a summer camp program with a positive interaction with law enforcement.

The kids are treated to a variety of activities and adventures throughout the week including rope courses, baseball, movies, mini golfing and laser tag to name a few. They also get breakfast and lunch every day from the officers.

The kids get to interact with the officers who always attend in plain clothes, so the kids can see that the officers are just people who do a job that's different.

This helps the kids to build a relationship with the officers and helps them trust the police so that in the event they need them in the future, they know the police officers will be there to help them.

The program wouldn't be possible without the generous help of residents and businesses in and around Folsom.